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Hey Guys, hope you have read our article on how to use KMSPico a Windows activator and what are the benefits of having this amazing tool.

Now that you already know why to use this amazing tool and after downloading it you must be feeling sad over a password-protected zip file of the KMSPico tool.

Don’t worry about that anymore because here in this article I am going to tell you the KMSPico password for the protected zip files and also the reason why we are keeping it protected.

Anyways let’s keep reading or just skip this article and move down to get a passcode!

KMSpico Password is:  1111

Why do we keep the password?

We have received several emails from people complaining over the file being deleted without any notifications and as we have already mentioned in this article you have to Turn off the Anti-Virus and Windows Defender.

Because it is blacklisted for providing genuine licenses to the users without any cost. Also, some people were misusing the tool which is why the password was necessary.

What is the KMSPico password?

The password for KMSPico encrypted zip file is ” 1111 “, just make sure to not put the quotes in your password as I have used it to highlight what the actual password is.

Also, keep in mind to disable your Anti-virus and the Defender temporarily until the installation is complete. As if you don’t do it then this software will automatically remove KMSPico from your device instantly.

KMSPico Password 12345 Not Working?

The reason why the 12345 passwords for the KMSPico zip file are not working is that we have changed it to a new one that is ” 1111 ” (without quotes).

Many of our customers were complaining about the password not working for KMSPico therefore we have changed it which is now a lot safer than before and also is very easy to put.

Just make sure to click unhide password whenever you are putting it to prevent invalid passcode error on your computer and use all the small case words instead of capital.

Please disable your Antivirus before extracting the zip file. Many of you are commenting and complaining about the wrong password that’s why I have changed the password.

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